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9 posts from February 2011

Harry Lehmann Perfumes


This old-fashioned, wildly charming perfume shop is the place to go when grey skies leave your spirits flagging.

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Cold, cold, cold/Friday rest/Hudson’s Cakes


Between the laryngitis and the translation there's been little room for adventure. Now that my voice has returned (so hoarse!) and the translation has spun off into the ether, it's time for a Friday rest. Cold, cold, cold, but don't those spots of sun make all the difference? Being ill has meant I still haven't made it to Jim and Katie's new cake shop. The injustice!


Corsets on Kantstraße

I've gone on walking, so much so that I've been left a little breathless. As a placeholder, here's a sign I've mentally earmarked for my friends at the Buchstabenmuseum. Now off to my hot water bottle, book and bed. (Everyday Aesthetics is amazing.)

Outtakes from a stroll (Hermannstraße, Bergmannstraße)


I'm devouring Berlin in great gulps right now. I want to be everywhere, walking.


Perfect baklava in Wedding (Ağam Baklava)


I've wanted to tell you about Ağam Baklava for almost three years, and do you know what's kept me from it? I never, ever managed to stop eating long enough to take a photo of their incredible pastries. It doesn't seem fair to rave about their söbiyet or su böreği (aka water börek) and not share them in all their pistachio-speckled goodness.

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We visited an abandoned Bruno Taut house this weekend

Brunotauthousestaircase Brunotautfrontdoor

Before I get down to work in earnest

I had to take a few photos. These must be the most fragrant flowers I have ever bought. White gorse in the pitcher, Sgaminegg's blackberry jam on my bread: I'm poised between two springs.Sgamineggbrombeermarmalade