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Perfect baklava in Wedding (Ağam Baklava)


I've wanted to tell you about Ağam Baklava for almost three years, and do you know what's kept me from it? I never, ever managed to stop eating long enough to take a photo of their incredible pastries. It doesn't seem fair to rave about their söbiyet or su böreği (aka water börek) and not share them in all their pistachio-speckled goodness.

This time, I balanced my paper tray of pastries on the Osloer Straße tram stop railing to take a photo in the failing light. By the time I got off at Schönhauser Allee, only two pieces were left. The söbiyet -- the triangles to the left -- are my favorite, filled with a tender mixture of pistachios and fresh cheese.

The water börek is scrumptious too. (That's why I had to take two bites before I found a spot to take a photograph.) Here, lasagne-like noodles are layered with a sour-salty, crumbly cheese and leaves of lemony parsley.


Five pieces of baklava and a generous wodge of börek costs about €7-8.


Their pastries are made fresh at the Stettiner Straße branch, just north of Gesundbrunnen. Peep into the back room and spot the cauldron over a naked gas flame, bubbling with syrup. To the side, there's a metal table covered with flour. Or snag a plastic chair at their Müllerstraße shop and order a Turkish coffee while you watch all of Wedding crowd past on the pavement.

Ağam Baklava
Stettiner Straße 10, Berlin-Wedding (map)
Open 7am-8pm

Müllerstraße 143a, Berlin-Wedding (map)
Open daily 7am-8pm


(pardon me while i wipe the drool from my mouth) luscious! baklava is one thing i would much rather buy than make.

I've often seen this place on my way to work and wondered if it was any good so now there's really no excuse for not going in. Love your photos, anything with pistachios gets my vote.

Mmm, makes me think of this place in Jordan that does Knafi, oh man is that good. I would be 100 kg if I lived there because I wouldn't be able to restrain myself.

Jonquil, I know, that's why I'm so grateful they're there: the flavor of the nuts is always crisp and true, the sugar syrup is never too cloying.

Vanessa, really? Dangerous information then -- I think I *would* gain a hundred kilograms if I had such frequent access.

Suzy, a friend swears by the knafi at the Adelbertstraße Hasir.

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