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Cafe Aroma for Sunday brunch

I'm generally not a brunch person (those curling slices of salami! those sweating squares of anonymous cheese!). But, researching a guide, I had a long conversation with one of the women who run Café Aroma. She told me this restaurant-cum-Italian community center was the first gathering place for the Slow Food movement in Berlin, and a Sunday brunch pioneer back in 1987. Today, they take pride in sourcing their meats and vegetables from small producers in Brandenburg and Italy. It was enough to get me onto a train to Yorckstraße last Sunday to give their spread a try.

Do you wish I had a better photograph of the food? I do too, but I was too busy tucking in. But you can make out a few of the highlights. To the east is the Savoy cabbage doused in a creamy sauce and stuffed with mashed potatoes. In the southeast, a shell encasing a just-right spinach-ricotta filling. In the northeast corner you can glimpse one of the several arancini I devoured over the course of the morning. I'd never tried one of these saffron-yellow, breadcrumb-covered risotto balls before, and even though they were a little salty, I still find myself longing for them. €12 might be a little more than brunch elsewhere, but oh, it's worth it to be saved from the scary cold cuts.


We had planned to walk down to the Naturpark Schöneberger Südgelände afterwards, but the frigid air made long walks forbidding. We walked west on Großgörschenstraße instead. Angelsaintmatthauskirchhofberlincemetary
(David says this angel in the churchyard photo is too trite, but I can't resist.)

S played peek-a-boo by the Grimms brothers' gravestones, and then it was time to go.

Café Aroma, Hochkirchstraße 8, Berlin-Schöneberg (map)
Open Mon-Fri from 6pm, Sat from 2pm, Sun from 11am (brunch only til 2pm)
Tel. 030/7825821

Alte St. Matthäus-Kirchhof, Großgörschenstraße 12, Berlin-Schöneberg (map)


oh i have to try it, definitely. i'm not a fan of brunch buffets either (your description of the cheese, haha). enjoy this sunday!

I know what you mean about brunch sometimes, although I love the Russian one at Datscha in Friedrichshain. Will have to check café Aroma out as well as the graveyard. The angel photo is one I can never resist so don't worry! I love yours.

We had brunch there today on your recommendation and it really was so good. Thank you!

Sounds like the food was delicious.

S is ever adorable. Did you tell fairy tales all the way home? xo

Wait a minute -- you were there today? I WAS THERE TODAY! And that plate of food looks remarkably like mine...

Can't believe we missed each other.

I loved the food too, and had a good chat with Gino, the owner, though the atmosphere was a little lacking and the kind, bespectacled lady waiting the tables made us all a bit edgy with her ueber-efficient plate-clearing regime.

Sandra, it's great, though I should also mention the food is all at room temperature, which can be rather chilly in January. As I ate I did catch myself wishing the pasta was a little warmer...

Vanessa, I've heard about the Datscha brunch a few times now, you're making me want to go!

Luisa, S liked the tiny meatballs best too!

Suzy, we went back for dinner this Sunday, and David had the most transcendent truffle pizza.

Katherine, she's singing now!

Paul, hey, I was there last week, but it looks like you and Luisa overlapped! Too small a world -- but then I figured the "slow" angle would get you down there soon.

i don't know about 'trite', but the patina on the angel is beautiful.

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