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Harry Lehmann Perfumes


This old-fashioned, wildly charming perfume shop is the place to go when grey skies leave your spirits flagging.


The silver-haired man behind the counter was the grandson of the founders. He seemed to know all the scents by heart. I was looking for a present. When I described my sister-in-law, he lifted a stopper and the air smelled like her.


Some of their scents have been sold since the 1920s; their newest, Potosi, was inspired by a brother who had spent time in Bolivia. Harry Lehmann's "Tulpe" (Tulip) was just the lift I need in late winter.

Harry Lehmann's high-quality perfumes are shockingly affordable: 10 ml cost around €4, with an extra euro or two for the glass bottle. On Saturday, March 19th, they'll be celebrating their 85th birthday. Everything will be 30% off. They'll be serving coffee. A new fragrance will be unveiled. You should go.

Harry Lehmann, Kantstraße 106, Berlin-Charlottenburg (map)
Open Mon-Fri 9am-6:30pm, Sat 9am-2pm
Tel. (030) 324 35 82


I'm always amazed how up to date you are with everything, not just places to eat. I'm still fighting off a sinus infection so the smell of flowers would surely do me good. Get well soon!

Oooo, to get inside your mind and steal your address book... : )

It's funny. I had been looking for a place like this for forever. You always seem to be able to read your readers' minds!

so many pretty bottles all in a row!

I don't even like perfume but your photos and description make me want to check this out!

Oh shucks, you guys, enjoy! It's really a pearl.

this looks extra wonderful - and i've never even heard of the place... thanks for posting this!

I was trying to find out if Harry Lehmann still operated as they never reply to my e-mails anymore.
I bought perfume there when I rtaveled to Berlin years ago and they sent some to Canada for me afterwards but I haven't been able to reach them in awhile.
I'm guessing they are stil open as this is a recent post.
My boss will be traveling there in July and I will try and get him to buy me some "Akazie"

I really love their bottles. So cool. I really enjoy looking at them.

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