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We visited an abandoned Bruno Taut house this weekend

Brunotauthousestaircase Brunotautfrontdoor


Great Photos Sylee! A friend of mine lives in of those, small but so lovely.

Is this the senior housing block just east of Tempelhof? The photos look great - I especially like the winding stairs

oooh - where is that?

Wow, that's incredibly beaten up. Is it currently for sale?

great bones! hope there is still a possibility that it won't be abandoned for long. the pitch of the stairs is a bit intimidating, but the curve of the barred window more than makes up for that.

What an amazing house! i'd never heard of this before but love your photos. There's something about run down places that wins my heart.

Marguerite, really? You'll have to tell me more this weekend.

Elizabeth, Mary, it's a house in the Hufeisensiedlung in Britz.

G, yes, it is for sale.

Jonquil, I know, so steep!

Vanessa, I was utterly charmed. If only I were a litlte more British.

wow, you kind of want to go in there and make it whole again, no?

happy weekend!

Kristina, they had a model house too, where they had framed a rectangle of mottled wall. The rest was painted a smooth unobjectionable mushroom-pale beige.

haha, that's how my home looks right now. funny how i after 7 weeks go used to it, so i don't see the mess anymore... maybe not so good ;)

Oh, but I'll miss those walls when your flat is all finished, Sandra!

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