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An English lunch in Kreuzberg, an Alpine breakfast in Mitte, an Afghani dinner in Wilmersdorf, and a walk


1| Remember these scones? Jim and Katie have a cafe now, called Hudson's. Imagine those scones straight out of the oven, cooling on a metal rack, calling your name. Yum. Boppstraße 1, Berlin-Kreuzberg (map). Open Tue-Sun noon-6:30pm.

2| Alpenstueck's bakery/cafe is a little stuffy, and their service is a little scatty, but the sourdough bread they sell is pretty good. Next time I'm grasping for a place to suggest meeting in Mitte, I might try their lunch. Schröderstraße 1, Berlin-Mitte (map). Open Mon-Fri 7am-7pm, Sat-Sun 9am-6pm.

3| I'm not saying you should go out of your way to try Chraazan. Still, this Afghani restaurant on a quiet Wilmersdorf street was better than I expected. I ordered aaschak, a dish that combines leek-stuffed steamed dumplings, yellow lentils in tomato sauce, garlic quark and a generous dusting of dried mint, and I ate every last bite. Bamberger Straße 49, Berlin-Wilmersdorf (map). Open Tue-Sun noon-11pm.


love the photo sequence!

Oh my goodness, how funny: Chraazan is on the block I grew up on! You have no idea how many times I've passed it over the years and wondered... :)

I'm always impressed by everything you do. I'm dying to check out Hudson's and some good sourdough bread would set me up for the weekend.

loving the 3rd photo down- the interplay between branches & shadows is great!

you always do the most lovely things!

p.s.: now i'm craving sourdough bread...

Paul, thank you!

Luisa, this made me laugh. I wish I'd known!

Vanessa, I know, this is the weather for adventures.

Jonquil, I seem to take these photos every spring. There is something about the intense sun and bare branches.

Kristina, me too!

We really like Chraazan, and now that the weather's getting nicer, we *do* go out of our way (on bikes) to get there. Service can be a bit slow but food is excellent, comparable to Afghan restaurants in NYC and London, IMHO...enjoyed your photos, also.

MissGivings, I'm so glad you think so! I liked it too -- my dish so unfamiliar and delightful -- but am wary of talking things up too much and exposing innocent restaurants to snarky Qypers...

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