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10 posts from March 2011

Considering these shadows is only possible because there’s sun


Oh Comely & Weekend plans


My copy of Oh Comely was in the postbox Monday morning. It was the perfect start to the week.

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Perfect baklava at Yorckstraße (Pasam Baklava)


I have only one thing to say in response to Luisa's post on Pasam Baklava and that is yes. It's heart-stoppingly good.

Pasam Baklava, Goebenstr. 12a, Berlin-Schöneberg (map)
Open daily 10am-8pm


An accordion & some porcelain bowls


When we walked into her ceramics shop, Anna Sykora was playing the accordion. She put the instrument down with a laugh, and told us about her work.

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Where to find heritage & heirloom seeds and plants in Berlin


So much I want to say but it feels impossible to talk about cakes and cafes as nuclear disaster unfolds in Japan. Photographs from the country have left me speechless with sorrow. As I type, the headline at Spiegel Online is "Löcher in Reaktorwand, Kühlwasser soll kochen".

I began this post on finding heritage seeds and seedlings a couple of weeks ago. The irrational joy that spring days sparked seems a little distant now, but the information is still worth sharing.

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Too much noise makes me nervous


I've been in such a funk; now life feels bright again.




When I walked into b_books, the proprietor was reading on the sofa, his toddler asleep against his chest. I browsed on tiptoe. Their art books made my brain feel awake. Before I left, I had to take a photograph of the lamps.

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