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Oh Comely & Weekend plans


My copy of Oh Comely was in the postbox Monday morning. It was the perfect start to the week.


I discovered the magazine at Aberdeen Airport this January. It felt so lighthearted and carefree, and I pored over each page on the flight home.


When Rosanna wrote they wanted holiday photos for Issue Five, I sent this snapshot of my mother, aged 18, on a trip to the Taj Mahal. Isn't she quite lovely?

S & I are down with a nasty cold at the moment. S is napping; I'm paging through Oh Comely's feature on porridges of the world. As Friday afternoons go, it's not bad.


Frühlingsfest at Domäne Dahlem this Saturday & Sunday! You know the drill by now? Wholesome family fun on an organic farm with a craft market and treats. This weekend's special dish is the Schlachtplatte (or "slaughter plate") featuring pork belly and sausages. Domäne Dahlem, Königin-Luise-Straße 49, Berlin-Dahlem (map). Open 10am-6pm.

The Grüne Liga's herb walks (Kräuterwanderungen) led by Elisabeth Westphal will kick off this April. I went a couple of years ago and can't remember what I enjoyed more, the cherry blossoms or the linden leaves. Elisabeth Westphal is an able and competent guide so if you've ever been curious about forraging for food (the forest as your grocery store!) you should definitely sign up.

And this just in! Pomeranza Design Ranch (of Grubentücher fame) is celebrating their birthday with free horse-drawn carriage rides through Prenzlauer Berg tomorrow from 11am-3pm. Pomeranza Design Ranch, Raumerstraße 19, Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg (map)


I'd never heard of this magazine but you have such wonderful taste that it doesn't surprise me that you've discovered something so good. Thanks for the weekend tips, I especially love the idea of horse drawn carriage rides. On Sunday I'm off to the Sony Center to catch a couple of concerts at the Herzgrün Liebeslieder festival.

Feel better! And your mother is stunning. That photo is amazing in general.

That Airmail sticker opens my heart every time one lands in our postbox. Thanks for sharing this beautiful find, Sylee!
Get well hugs and a bunch of flowers for that lovely photograph you have had published!

I'm sure the mag is nice - but I can't support that title. Sounds like porn! :)

Oooo, the Grune Liga thing sounds like so much fun! Let's go!
Thanks for the tip with the Dahlem thing this weekend, we really enjoyed ourselves.

Sylee, your mother looks fabulous, what an amazing picture to have and cherish! Magazine looks great, must hunt down a copy here for a look....How I am missing my Berlin weekends. Hope you are both feeling better soon and enjoying the start of Spring in Berlin.

Emily, oh, Liebeslieder sound wonderful. I've been craving a good concert -- it's been too long. I miss having the piano salon around the corner!

Luisa, I shiver a little every time I look at it. It feels so historic!

Jo, I know, it reminds me of my Oxford days.

Katherine, get your mind out of the gutter!

Suzy, yes! I'll email you. & so glad you guys made it to Dahlem -- it seemed to get incredibly crowded the second before you arrived, but yes, the fields are always the best refuge.

Elizabeth, have you got a ticket yet?

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