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There’s even sun in the shade





truly, muted sunshine is sunshine. :) yea for march! neat card, btw.

Isn't it wonderful to have all this sun and at last warmer days! Hope you're on the mend. My cold is a pain but I'm hanging in there.

Beautiful - thank you, really exactly what I needed today!

FYI, in case you were interested: The children's book featured in the top photo is the somewhat psychedelic "Iris Colombo" by Bruno Munari (from the blurb: "From his studio he can see ... doves and blackbirds. On a stormy day one of these doves seems to have inspired the little book you are holding."). Are you surprised to hear it was written in 1972? The "bird book," as it is popularly known chez Reified, has recently been elevated to the bedtime canon, as the only non-Donaldson/Scheffler work.

Jonquil, I know, you take what you get!

Vanessa, weiterhin gute Besserung!

Jo, I owe you an email!

David, I'm not sure I should let you be so silly out in the world. But world, "Iris Colombo" is the best children's book ever.

What a lovely blog, although it doesn't help my yearning for another trip to Berlin...
But you seriously need to clean your sensor on your camera.

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