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Too much noise makes me nervous


I've been in such a funk; now life feels bright again.



I'm terribly sensitive to noise which was a major problem with my former flatmate. Glad to know you're enjoying the warmer weather, although I hope the sun hasn't left us for too long. You always have lovely greenery in your flat and did you make the origami yourself?

Exactly the same here. So much so that I went to spend 3+ weeks at my parents' house to get back into the swing. "Now life feels bright again". Thanks, Sylee, for sharing this mood change!! And what beautiful pictures - once again. Must go download mine now!!

oh, i'm glad to hear - seems like brighter days are here indeed. x

glad the funk-level has receded. charlsie (10 year old dog) has developed a marked aversion to noise & movement these past 6 months...he's resting behind closed bedroom door currently...:/

Emily, I didn't, though I wish I were so talented. David bought them for me at the Ethnology Museum in Dahlem.

Jo, so good to hear from you.

Kristina, they're coming and going, no?

Jonquil, I wish I could too!

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