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Where to find heritage & heirloom seeds and plants in Berlin


So much I want to say but it feels impossible to talk about cakes and cafes as nuclear disaster unfolds in Japan. Photographs from the country have left me speechless with sorrow. As I type, the headline at Spiegel Online is "Löcher in Reaktorwand, Kühlwasser soll kochen".

I began this post on finding heritage seeds and seedlings a couple of weeks ago. The irrational joy that spring days sparked seems a little distant now, but the information is still worth sharing.


I took the photo above at Domäne Dahlem's potato festival last fall. VERN had a stand displaying tens of tubers from violet to red to yellow, each with a brief description of what makes that sort special. Their catalogue, chock-full of obscure varieties of herbs, salad greens, chilies and more, is similarly inspiring. There's even a special section ("Balkontomaten") of tomatoes best-suited for the balcony. You can buy their seeds via the website or at Domäne Dahlem. If you'd like to see the plants in the flesh, as it were, their Schaugarten in the Uckermark opens on May 2nd.

Dreschflegel sells heritage seeds via their website. I'm particularly intrigued by their pickling cucumbers, suitable for planting on the balcony. They too have a Schaugarten (or show garden) with summer events including an art workshop using plants and blossoms as raw materials.

Finally, Bingenheimer Saatgut is a reliable online source for biodynamic seeds. Their selection of herbs includes sorrel and cress.


thanks for this, sylee, will take a look at all those links.

i'm feeling the same.

lovely links! thank you. the news out of japan is so worrying & sad that i gave up watching in favor of a little scooby-doo just so i could sleep.

I can't bring myself to post cake recipes when so many people have nothing to eat or drink and feel so useless. Thanks for the seed links, showing us that new growth is still possible.

Love your blog!
I will probably move to Berlin in the summer, so your blog is a perfect way for me to find out more about this great city, thanks! :-)


What a great post, with some wonderful links. Writing all those addresses down now.

I read your blog for almost two years and I love it.Being born in Berlin I find it surprising and inspriring, all the beautiful places you know.Occasionally I visit some of those that are new to me.I shall visit Anna Sykoras place ,her ceramics are very beautiful.
I have a large garden near Potsdam where I harvest plenty of fruits in the summer myself and I booked your Dreschflegel link.Thank you.There really is nobody who is not horrified about Fukushima and we all feel deep pity with the people there.

For potatoe varieties and herbs it is also useful to check out Prinzessinengarten. (http://www.multikulinarisch.es/?/archives/266-graffiti-am-himmel.html) Beginnig from April one can buy bio-seedlings and bio-soil. On May 7 they'll have a 'Jungpflanzenmarkt' in co-operation with Social Seeds.

I've got two more recommendations for shopping online. These two stores sell numberous seeds and plants (herbs):

http://www.pflanzenversand-gaissmayer.de and


Thank you so much everyone for your comments.

Kristina, Jonquil, Emily, Beate -- a week on and it's just as tragic.

Mandy, I'm glad! Do get in touch if you need any help settling in.

Suzy, day trip!

Beate, your comment made my day. Your garden in Potsdam sounds wonderful. Thank you for writing!

Peggy, thank you for the tips!

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