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A day out in Dahlem (Café Lenné)



I couldn't resist Domäne Dahlem's spring festival last weekend. Hearty platefuls of fluffy Salzkartoffel, herb-flecked Quark and crispy bacon-strewn Bratkartoffel were just what the doctor ordered. Afterwards I finally bought a few pieces from the indigo workshop. (Do you remember this post from way back when? I've been coveting their handmade cloth since then.)


It seemed a pity to go straight home afterwards so we walked east on Königin-Luise-Straße til we got to the Königliche Gartenakademie. Adjoining Berlin's Botanical Garden, this posh garden center features products from Manufactum and other high-end suppliers. They also organize workshops and garden tours abroad, and will help you plan your garden.

When I heard they had a garden cafe I pictured Rosendals Trädgarden or Petersham Nurseries. It's a little too cramped to be quite that, but still, my heart leapt when I saw this sunny path leading to the cafe!


The white cast-iron chairs tucked against the greenhouse walls were all occupied, mostly by families and older couples lingering over a late brunch. We made our way to the terrace and took a seat beneath the sheltering pine. The staff — clean-shaven men in crisp dress shirts — were harried and unwelcoming. I managed nevertheless to buy a slice of Engadiner Nusstorte and retreated to the sun to fork mouthfuls of crumbly pastry and caramel-clogged walnut clusters while persuading S not to pluck the tiny oranges from their ornamental tree.

Café Lenné, in the Königliche Gartenakademie, Alteinsteiner Straße 15A, Berlin-Dahlem (map)
Open Tue-Sat 10am-7pm, Sun 10am-4pm (15 March-14 October), Tue-Sun 10am-5:30pm (15 October-14 March).
Tel. 030/ 832 29 273


Great! Going there this weekend so will certainly check it out.

craving bratkartoffel now....

I can only warn anyone going for lunch that the service is terrible, the menu limited and the prices very pricy. We waited over 20 mins just to get a menu to then see that there were only 4 things we could order after 1pm. Maybe it is better for coffee and Kuchen, the cakes definitely look lovely. But as a lunch place - I wouldn´t go there again.

Suzy, we'll have to go together sometime. I'm guessing the Staudenmarkt odyssey didn't leave room for Cafe Lenne!

Jonquil, when am I not? :-)

Max, "prices very pricy" made me laugh. Those men were dreadful, but I'm a sucker for a garden!

Those desserts look like jewels!

Your post is an illustration for the barlin society and life style. I think one can easily come close to the city culture. Here you have represented the food the culture and the life style. I really impressed with it. Anyways keep it up and keep continue with your valuable thoughts.

The nursery has a broad selection of perennials and some very new species from England-for garden lovers this is a good place.And I love the poshy garden atmosphere of the cafe,which admittedly is somewhat high priced .

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