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Returned (Edinburgh)








The best visits reverberate even after you're back. I spent a few days in Edinburgh with Clare and brought home the sound of gulls, the taste of Valvona & Crolla's San Francisco sourdough bread and Troy's quinoa salad, some linen skirts and a little leather satchel from the flea market that S now carries about with great glee.

It had been so long since I walked for hours in a city in that unencumbered way that's only possible when you haven't got a stroller to push. We went to the Cameo and the Fruitmarket Gallery Cafe, and cleaned up at the Stockbridge charity shops. Now home and unpacking, and wondering at that string of golden days that's stretching out before us. This April is divine.


Oh I so agree with you! This is the best april in years! Let's hope it lasts and will feel as unencumbered as a holiday!

So glad you had a wonderful time in Edinburgh, a place I'm dying to revisit. I share your love of this golden April. So many good things are still to come I feel.

My strawberries must be growing nicely in Berlin if you say it's such nice weather..

Marguerite, that's just it. Every day has felt festive, no?

Emily, I kind of fell in love with Edinburgh this time round. The weather was mostly rotten but the company so fine!

Suzy, I'm sure. And the sun just seems to going on and on. Safe travels!

our april is chill & damp. but buds are beginning to burst. glad you shared edinburgh with us.

Delightful all along - thank you!

sounds like such a wonderful visit - i've never been and would love to go sometime...

this april is indeed beautiful!

Jonquil, now it's wet here too -- great thunderstorms all afternoon long. Is it brighter with you yet?

Jo, :-)

Kristina, you would love it, I think. It's very intellectual in the best of ways.

I love Berlin it is ful of culture and rich in history, however, having visited Edinbrugh too, I have to say that both are worth visiting around Christmas time, and both have something different to offer.

I have just come back from a fantastic trip to Berlin, loved everything about it and was particularly interested to see just how much had been done since its demise during the war. The whole city looks fantastic.

Hey Berlin is the place to be man! Not only does it have a brilliantly diverse clubbing culture, but it also is rich in historical finds. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience here both day and night, would recommend it to anyone!

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