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Bread & Honey


Right now I want simple things and just a little of them. I drizzled my buttered bread with Italian chestnut honey and that breakfast's earthy sweetness has occupied me all morning.



npthing quite like the pleasure of good toasted bread, melted butter, & honey...yum!

I love the way something small can touch you so. It's a reminder to me to do the same. And thanks for contacting your friends!!

Toast and honey makes me nostalgic for afternoons at my grandmother's when it was the only thing we could have for teatime. Love the second photo.

How to make the simple beautiful - you certainly know

Jonquil, after trying out other things I must say I'm coming back to the simple pleasures. (Some of you will laugh, thinking I'd never been away.)
Jo, I'm glad it's worked out!
Emily, how sweet! I wish I could make a meal out of the foods E. Nesbit mentions in her children's books.
Joanna, thank you.

that looks absolutely beautiful.

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