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Returned (Brandenburg)


Oh, but it's a wonderful thing to be home and eating scrambled eggs from the chickens you watched scratching in the yard just a few hours earlier. Have you ever seen eggs such a rich shade of saffron? They gratify all my ideas of what it means to keep healthy, happy birds. (My plate, if you're curious, was ten pence from a charity shop on Easter Road in Edinburgh.)



And where is this beautiful yard I wonder! Looks too delicious!!

My husband and I only buy organic eggs (although they are pricey!) because he says he'll only eat eggs from happy chickens! He would love this post!

It's the first time I post something although I have been visiting your blog regularly for the past few months. I really like what you do!

Jo, it's a farm in a little village near the Polish border. We were there for three days and there was nary a cloud in the sky.

LaPerle, thank you for writing! Those birds had such glossy feathers too, it was quite pleasing.

oh! i want so badly to live in a place open enough to have me a chicken coop.

those chickens look like they own the farm!

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