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The blind shop (or, The beautiful & the useful)


The blind shop is an exemplary union of beauty and use. Those zebraed brushes make me want to dust. (I never dust.)


I don't know what I'd rather do, ruffle the tops of these brooms and feel the prickle of the bristles, or trace my finger along those neat red and blue stripes.


This workshop is run by a charity founded to help the visually disabled. They have a museum too.


They buy some of their goods from suppliers, but many of the brushes and baskets are made on site. They will also recane your chairs.


Werkstattladen, Blindenhilfswerk Berlin e.V. Rothenburgstra├če 14-15, Berlin-Steglitz (map)
Open Mon-Wed 9am-4pm, Thu 9am-5:30pm, Fri 9am-2:30pm
Tel. 030 / 792 50 33



can you believe it - i've never been. those zebra brushes are perfect.

I've noticed the shops full of beautiful brushes in Germany.

What a wonderful shop! Must visit.

Jonquil, isn't it?
Kristina, we should go in May! That's when the garden opens.
Joanna, where in Germany are you?
Suzy, you could combine it with a trip to the ice cream place in Steglitz!

There's another blind workers shop for brushes on Oranienstrasse. I couldn't find any more information in English, but here is their German website: http://www.u-s-e.org/index.php?id=227

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