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May in Berlin I


So much life in the last few weeks! A few Sundays ago I watched two dogs chase one another round the garden in Moabit before the French chanson concert began. The music may have been middling, but it's always fun to watch the crowd at Anderl Kammermeier's "Offener Garten" series.


Cycling home from Kruppstraße, I visited Kristina in the Hamburger Bahnhof bookshop, then considered a Schnitzel at Sarah Wiener. The dining room was peaceful, all empty, and just a few people sitting at the tables on the water.

I leapt when Suzy suggested we go on a guided forage through Lobetal together. It's so much easier to pop leaves into your mouth when your trusty guide has just told you they're edible.


My favorite finds were the lemony clover (tart and paler than the usual shamrock) and the wild garlic blossoms growing in the wild, which we promptly plucked and sprinkled onto Suzy's pasta salad. Elizabeth Westphal of the Grüne Liga told us we can pickle daisy buds to use like capers and encouraged us to look out for Wünderlauch near Plänterwald, a slimmer and juicier version of wild garlic imported from Siberia.


There have been days on the playground, watching the sky...


and forking strawberries one by one.


When I can, I work in the sun.


Lately I've taken a fancy to the sandwiches at the Dairy, a newish place on Helmholzplatz (Raumerstraße 12). Their roast beef magnifique (€3.20) is a sort of vitello tonnato in bread, with thick slices of roast beef, a tuna fish spread and a roasted onion marmelade.

Now off to Brot & Butter, but more soon!


Oh, S. on that horse! Her shirt! And who is the mystic person in blue? An, that delicious looking sandwich. The sky, the windows, the grass, the clouds!

Back at home, was the right decision. Will mail soon!

Jo x

lovely may days :)

there was so much going on in may, right?

lovely to see you recently, we must meet up soon!

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