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And here to stay


Under the chestnut trees at the Prater. This is the year I've remembered that spring isn't the build-up to the best part -- summer -- but itself the most perfect season.

I was traveling again, now I'm here to stay.


Wow, that photo is STUNNING. Did you take it this year? The light!


I am discovering your blog only now (how come ???).
Yes, this pic is great, now that i know Prater... I didn't know how to shoot it...
Well done.
See you.

Luisa, thank you! I took it last Friday -- I tagged along to David's work get-together and looked up at one point to be startled by the trees in full bloom.

Pascale, thank you. It was fun to meet you through Kristina's blog!

such huge trees! do they shed chestnuts to gather in the autumn?

Welcome back!

Jonquil, I suppose they must, though I've never noticed. Does anyone else know? I guess I've always made my last pilgrimmage there before conker season has started.

Suzy, you too!

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