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7 posts from May 2011

May in Berlin I


So much life in the last few weeks! A few Sundays ago I watched two dogs chase one another round the garden in Moabit before the French chanson concert began. The music may have been middling, but it's always fun to watch the crowd at Anderl Kammermeier's "Offener Garten" series.

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Lush, happy days, all sun





You just need to look at the shadows to know the trees are full of blossoms and soft leaves. My birthday tomorrow, my head swirling with last-minute plans for rhubarb trifles and cordial.

Bärlauch this time around


Every spring I thrill to the bunches of wild garlic in the market stalls and shops. I had never tasted Bärlauch before I came to Berlin, though I went on to discover its many English names. In seasons past I've made Bärlauchspätzle and Bärlauch paneer, and any number of attempts at a full-bodied creamy Bärlauch soup (never, sadly, finding a recipe that stuck -- suggestions?). But it's only this spring that I've really hit my stride.

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Puddles & spring green (Nesting)


The last few days have been full of everything but the computer. We never did move into our apartment properly last fall. Now I'm trawling Berlin for everything I need to make our flat a home. (This can be read as a hint to share your favorite shops!)

One of those golden, unfolding days where life feels rich and easy


One of those golden, unfolding afternoons where life feels rich and easy. I hadn't seen Stefanie for ages and it was so good to spot her coming down Winsstraße. After we finished our coffee we wanted to walk so she took me to the cemetery on Heinrich-Roller-Straße.

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Wine & Art & Garden Songs


Cycling down Kopenhagener Straße to meet Kristina for lunch, I had to stop off at Nix Wie Wein for a bottle of Rivaner to accompany her exquisite fresh asparagus ravioli with a zested crème fraîche sauce. I used to live across the street from this friendly little wine shop and sneak every excuse I can to return and chat with the charming woman who has run the place since 1998. (It might not be worth coming across town for but it's lovely if you live nearby.)

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And here to stay


Under the chestnut trees at the Prater. This is the year I've remembered that spring isn't the build-up to the best part -- summer -- but itself the most perfect season.

I was traveling again, now I'm here to stay.