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Lush, happy days, all sun





You just need to look at the shadows to know the trees are full of blossoms and soft leaves. My birthday tomorrow, my head swirling with last-minute plans for rhubarb trifles and cordial.


Happy Birthday!

Wish you a wonderful and happy birthday !

Happy, happy birthday! I hope the sun shines today and that you have a wonderful time eating trifle and drinking cordial (sounds delicious by the way!).

Happy Birthday! Hope your day was as lovely as your blog!

Happy birthday dear Sylee! Will bring you some cake next time we meet and in the meantime, have a wonderful day. Wasn't today one of the most perfect, I so enjoyed catching those sun rays and flickering shadows which you capture so well.

a belated happy birthday! hope it was as full of sunshine as these photos :)

A bit late, too. Hope you had a special day!

I wish you all the best!

Suzy, JanyH, LaPerle, Daniel, Emily, Jonquil, Jo, Frau -- thank you so much for your sweet greetings! More on my birthday in my next post :-)

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