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One of those golden, unfolding days where life feels rich and easy


One of those golden, unfolding afternoons where life feels rich and easy. I hadn't seen Stefanie for ages and it was so good to spot her coming down Winsstraße. After we finished our coffee we wanted to walk so she took me to the cemetery on Heinrich-Roller-Straße.


What was more beautiful, the battered lettering on the untended gravestones, the wild greenery, the lilac trees or the baby on the blanket kicking her legs in the sun?


After we left, we wove in and out of little shops, tasting an organic olive oil, admiring a rose-colored lampshade.


Cycling home, I braked when I spotted Shakespeare & Sons on Raumerstraße. I had begun to despair that nothing good would ever open in Prenzlauer Berg again, but oh, my chat with Laurel left me very happy.


This roomy yet cozy English-language bookshop has an outstanding collection of children's books, easily the best I've seen in Berlin so far, clearly selected by a born and bred book lover. I took home The Little House and can't wait to return and buy more. I've got a lot on next Saturday but I'm hoping I can swing by their opening party.


David had dinner waiting when I returned. Riesling and risotto on the balcony; now it's time for bed. More tomorrow.

Shakespeare & Sons Berlin, Raumerstraße 36, Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg (map)
Open Mon-Sat 11am-7pm
Tel. 030 / 467 96330
Opening party Saturday, May 14th from 7pm. There'll be books, wine, and live music performed by Flanna Sheridan.


Oh gosh! I so desperately envy your beautiful weather. It rained (sometimes the whole day) every single day of this past week. Today was supposed to be sunny, but I guess the sun decided to shine elsewhere...
I can't wait to myself have crisp white wine along with dinner on the balcony! It looks delicious!
Enjoy the rest of your sunny week-end!

how nice there is a city where bookstores are opening instead of closing!

LaPerle, we've been extraordinarily lucky here. I shouldn't talk about it too much for fear of tempting storms.

Jonquil, I hadn't thought about it, but you're right! I can't tell you how happy I am to have a proper bookshop so close by. I actually lay in bed last night thinking about it and smiling.

What an inspiring day Sylee! The weather is just gorgeous right now and I have so much that I want to do. This bookshop is definitely on the to do list.

Sounds like a lovely day! Berlin is incredible right now. Apparently on Tuesday it will be 27 C! Can you imagine?

"One of those golden, unfolding days where life feels rich and easy." How beautifully said.

Emily, you'll love it, I think. It's a warm and welcoming place.

Suzy, the weather has left me breathless! Must be the best summer since 2006.

Jo, thank you :-)

Tjebbe, you're right, Saint George's is wonderful too -- but Shakespeare & Sons is even closer. I'm spoiled for choice, really.

Kristina, yes.

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