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Birthdays in review

Do you remember this post from last year? This year was much the same. My one birthday photo is too out of focus to share, but how lucky am I that Kristina took a lovely series of our afternoon in the garden? I almost didn't even have a party, but on our way home from our foraging excursion Suzy tempted me by offering to make me a cake, and who could resist that? (It disappeared too fast to capture, but you can have a peek here.)

Then yesterday, S turned three. Above is her cake half-made, later topped with a cloud of whipped cream plus more cake, cream and berries. Now off to make lavender shortbread to take into work, and a second cake for her to take to her kindergarten.


Happy Birthday to you both! You are just a few days apart then, like we are here (and lots of Mothers and Daughters I know of)


oh that cake-in-the-making looks too good! :)

Happy birthday to both you and S. That cake looks truly magnificent and I'm sure it didn't last long in its finished glory.

I can't believe that S already three! A very happy birthday to both of you.

Jo, Kristina, Emily, Delphine(!): thank you!

lovely white cake! also sweet is the young one in the pink wellies & the bandaged finger. how soon do children start kingergarten in germany? stateside, they want you to wait until your child is almost 5 yrs.

Just to set readers' minds at rest: The plaster on the finger in question was applied for recreational rather than medicinal purposes. Nicky (sic) Mouse plasters are currently much in demand, chez Reified.

Happy birthday! Jonquil, "kindergarten" in Germany means daycare and can cover anywhere from age 2 to 5. It's not the same as American kindergarten.

Jonquil, yes, it's complicated. "Kita" can start as early as 6 weeks (though on average German kids start a lot later) and goes through to five, covering the whole period until children start school. But Kitas are run by trained teachers who have studied early education, so it's different from some daycare centers.

Hallo, do you know anyone that barefoot in berlin? it for an article to a brazilian newspaper. thank you!

Cibele, I've seen a few, but I can't say I know enough to help. I'm sorry!

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