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Ripe to bursting

Oh, people, people! Imagine a plum ripe to bursting and you would imagine my life. S turns three on Saturday; I go back to work part-time on Monday (I've been on maternity leave from my position for the last three years); my in-laws arrived on Monday, the same day as a lovely young woman who will help me bring a row of schemes and projects into being.

Little and often, my friends and I murmur to each other when we can only find a half-hour to sit in the sun before we're rushing on to our other things. So let it be little and often here too in the days to come.


happy birthday s! congrats & good luck on bringing your projects to a glorious ripeness.

Layla and I are really bummed to be missing her birthday. But I will make her some cupcakes when we are back (which is Monday by the way) xxx!

oh, she's turning three! wishing you all a wonderful day!

and yes: little and often.

Good luck for your project :-) I Hope all the best!

Jonquil, Tausendkind, thank you! A glorious ripeness is a wonderful way to put it.

Suzy, she has asked for you two by name, so we will look forward to it :-)

Kristina, I'm excited about our next round!

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