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Autumn in July


We splashed through puddles in our Wellington boots on our way to Kleine Eiszeit: there was no keeping S from her ice cream. Black currant for her, gooseberry for me, then she wanted a taste of my scoop (cream nubbled pale green). A very early pizza dinner at A Magica, now nursery rhymes on the sofa. I rather love this autumn in July. Happy weekend, my dears.


Gooseberry ice cream! Genius. I have to agree, I'm kind of enjoying the weather, esp. since we don't have to deal with a menacing "heat dome"! Can we go to A Magica sometime? Still haven't been and it sounds so good. xo

Also, this photo is lovely.

wish we had some autumn weather here...the ice cream looks scrumptious!

That's it, totally! Autumn in July. And more to come I think!
Love that S has blackcurrant ice cream. She will be a huge gourmand that one.
Hrabi went to Magica without me last week and said it was VERY good. Yum, can't wait to try it.

Das Foto ist zu schön ... <3

I love berries, That's why I think I need to taste that gooseberry ice cream too. Look at those I can see some tiny bits on that berry ice cream. Hmm! Yummy!

Ice cream emmm lovely it looks really nice. Yum Yum Yum!

The ice cream looks absolutely yummy. I love mint and choc chip personally.

I love ice cream in the summer and so do my kids, there should be more traditional ice cream shops about.

Oh wow!! I love the yummy ice cream and this is really very tasty and love the cone... Also i love the ice cream in the summer ...

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