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Cherries & berries here and there


Oh, this is the season. If I've been quiet here, it's because I've been outdoors: picnics, playgrounds, coffee on the sidewalk and cherry-picking on museum grounds. Even as the days contract this summer feels eternal. I'm sitting on the balcony as I write; it's been light since 4am.


Kristina and I sat on the pavement drinking coffee when her neighbor walked by with cherries from their Kleingarten and gave us a handful.


At the Haus am Waldsee we were just leaving when David, eagle-eyed, noticed a tree full of fruit. We gorged ourselves on cherries for twenty minutes, S straining at the tips of her toes to reach the fruit herself ("no pick me up!") before we went home.


My gooseberry fool was just what you would want it to be, fragrant and floral with a tang. Top and tail a punnet of gooseberries, then simmer with a splash of elderflower cordial until soft (about 10 minutes). Let cool, then top with a generous pool of cream. No pureeing, no whipping, just the nubbly pulp and the cream sweetening the sour.


Goodness, someone's up early this morning. (Light since 4am?!)

those cherries look *so* good!

We are blessed with various fruit trees in our 'Siedlung' (neighbourhood).
I intented to pick cherries this year and make Nicky's (deliciousdays.com) wonderful baiser with cherries. Due to family visit, workload and much faster kids and birds, I missed the frontdoor cherry season, which is sad!

David, hey!

Jonquil, I can't stop eating them.

Multikulinaria, thank you for reminding me of that baiser!

Woot, I will cterialny put this to good use!

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