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Pick-your-own berries & fruit in Berlin and Brandenburg


I've loved reading your recommendations of vacant lots -- keep them coming! Above is one of my favorites (taken at the corner of Sredzkistraße and Rykestraße a couple of years ago. Doesn't that one perfect apple seem placed by a divine hand? And talking of bounty, I was stunned by this morning's pristine blue sky. Cool breezes and golden light: perfect weather for berry-picking, no? Off we go!

If you're inspired too, here's an updated version of pick-your-own places (strawberries, blueberries, cherries sweet and sour, apples and more) from last year's post. Do let me know if you have favorites I've missed.

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For free foraging in the city and suroundings, see the much-beloved Mundraub (with an article on the same by Slow Berlin here).

Berliner Beerengarten, various locations

Buschmann Winkelmann/Spargelhof Kleistow, Glindower Straße 28, Klaistow (map)
Tel. 033206 / 61070

Neumanns Erntegarten, Heineberg 2, Potsdam-Bornim (map)
Tel. 0331 501651 or 0170 8368646
Reported on by Suzy of Foodie in Berlin and Sam and Sophie of Krauted Haus.

Obstgut Marquardt, Potsdam-Satzkorn (map)
Tel. 033208 57718

Obsthof Lindicke, Am Plessower Eck 1, Werder (map)
Tel. 03327/45624

SL Gartenbau, Perwenitzer Chaussee 2, Oberkrämer-Vehlefanz (map)
Tel. 03304/39940

Obstbau Zaspel, Helenenauer Weg 2, Blumberg-Elisenau (map)
Tel. 03338/45524 o. 0172/4149186

Obstgut Müller, Dorfstr. 1, Altlandsberg-Wesendahl (map)
Tel. 03341/ 215856


Great list Sylee! Have fun today and if you pick too many berries to eat then I will personally go out of my way to help you deal with the overspill :-D

so cheering to think of urban berlin with the greenings of fruit within.

lol... eat the forbidden fruit :0

Great post.

Paul, I'll do a summer pudding soon and you can be first in line!

Jonquil, I know, long may that green heart live!

Dan, thank you.

great picture. The light is perfect for that shot.

Karina, I couldn't quite believe my luck when I saw that one apple in that light.

I've been dreaming of the blueberries in Berlin for the last two years. I think my little baby boy was conceived in the haze of ecstatic blueberry engorgement. Now I'm back and pigging out again, I'm inclining toward the raspberries...

I love those little green spots in Berlin. You never quite expect them, and they're lovely! The picture is great, too, of course. I love how there's really just the ONE apple - I mean, what are the odds? It looks like one of those ancient pictures.

The Good Soup, did you end up finding raspberries?

Daniella, you understand!

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One of the things I miss most is the acres of wild blackberries that grow all over the NW (USA) around Seattle this time of year. Might be time to go scavenging - thanks for the tips!

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