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Sunday mornings: Rose shortbread




So much to tell you! I'm still reeling from the incredible open day at the art school in Weißensee (I meant to just peep in then stayed all afternoon), still drying off after a damp but happy hour at the Freie Internationale Tankstelle's pop-up Biergarten. But let's start with this morning, shall we?

Sunday morning shortbread seems slated to be a new tradition. When Clare brought me a box of homemade lavender lemon shortbread on a flying visit last month, it set my mental wheels racing. It was the perfect thing to have around the house: fragrant, satisyfing, undemanding, the perfect late afternoon pick-me-up for myself or unexpected friends. The shortbread was incredible, of course, and simplicity itself. She had used Delia Smith's recipe, adding a teaspoon of dried lavender blossoms and a bit of lemon zest. And that made me wonder what else I could add. This morning it was rose petals (I used the ones that Sonnentor sells). What next? Black pepper and orange zest?

Recipe notes: I can't quite understand how Delia bakes her shortbread for over an hour; mine was done after twenty minutes. I also couldn't see the point of rolling out the dough when patting it in worked just fine. And sprinkle your sugar on while the shortbread is still warm, as it adheres better that way.

PS: Clare, her husband, well-behaved dog and small daughter are moving back to Berlin in October. They're looking for a flat with at least three rooms, ideally in Prenzlauer Berg as that's where their daughter will go to nursery. Send me an email (click "Email me" in the sidebar) if you know of anything!


black pepper +orange does sound a winning combination.

Mmm... Any left?

that sounds just too good! i'm volunteering as knowledgable food tester...

p.s.: s. 'calling' me is such a perfect thought - i wish i had heard what she said!

p.p.s.: wish i could have joined you for the weissensee graduate show! i might try and go this week, i think it's still on, right? UDK was last weekend only :(

Jonquil, I'll report back next Sunday!

Suzy, I'll tuck sometime into the box you had the grasshoppers in.

Kristina, I think she was making a date to meet again :-) Sadly I think the big Rundgang was only last weekend but the show on at the Uferhalle is going for a little while longer.

this looks so delicious!!!

Hey, Du, Anke and I were at that open house too! With a whole entourage actually. Were you there on Sunday? Maybe we even passed each other? I have no idea what you look like! How absurd!

Ooh, and that also is a really good answer to my question about what one can do with illicitly scavenged urban lavender. http://urbanplants.wordpress.com/2011/07/01/berlin-lavender-scavenger-karl-marx-allee-fountains/

Laura, it's this intense musky layer that reminds me of Indian sweets.

Leslie, I was!! How funny -- I was there for ages, I couldn't pull myself away. I'll send you an email -- we must figure out what we look like. & I love your post on scavenged lavender!

Berlin reified, you've probably heard this a hundred times before, but I'll say it again anyway. It's lovely to have found your blog. I don't know why I didn't delve into Berlin blogs last time I lived here. And now, I'm here for only 4 weeks more and reading your blog makes me determined to find a way back. This time I'd be armed with blogs as my first friends and I'd never be lonely.

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