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Vacant lots & free champagne


I was at Mitte Meer yesterday, still located in the lonely urban wasteland behind Hamburger Bahnhof. This location is closing at the end of the month (10% off! everything), and I wonder why and what will replace it. If desolation was Berlin's keynote, increasingly it's commerce and noise. This weekend, the Veuve Cliquot Airstream will set up shop in this transitional space, serving posh food truck fare cooked up by the Chipps team: truffled currywurst, sweet potato fries, brioche burgers and so forth. This Sunday there's a fancy brunch from 11am-3pm with French pop classics and petanque, and they've kindly given me two tickets to give to you (two courses + a glass of bubbly or vice versa). Leave a comment by 6pm today and I'll choose two people this evening: extra points if you share your favorite vacant lot in Berlin. Oh, be warned that little ones (under 18s) can't attend, so no boozy brunch with tots in tow!

Clicquot Rolling Diner, Invalidenstra├če 50-51 (behind the Hamburger Bahnhof), Berlin-Mitte (map)
Movie night Saturday 16 July from 7pm, Sunday brunch 17 July 11am-3pm, World cup screening 7:30pm on (cancelled b/c of bad weather forecast - check Clicquot Rolling Diner to be sure the other events are happening before you leave)

Update: Dorota & Sascha, the tickets are yours! Drop me an email at hello [at] berlinreified.com with your full name and I'll put you on the list. I love the vacant lot recommendations though, so do keep those coming.


Me, me, me!

Who can say no to free champagne? And as for abandoned lots, I love some of the ones by Revaler Strasse in Friedrichshain, and always try to make them part of my running route in the evenings :)

Love that orange airstream! Also, the large soccer field in the empty lot near auguststr.
Also, champagne....

I have to join, thanks!

Sign me up!

having relocated from the land of food trucks (LA, baby), I'm usually suspect. But boozy brunch aside an airstream - come on! And what a wonderful cure it would be for the "empty nest" syndrome my (Frenchie) husband and I are experiencing while our daughter's visiting the grandparents state-side. Although destined to become a park, my favorite empty lot is the area between Yorkstr. and gleisdreieck. Mounds of rubble that shift shapes!

on mitte meer, try some portuguese 'nestum' or 'cerelac', if they still have it! it's breakfast for kids, but it's delicious :D

All, thank you for your suggestions and entries!

Ana, I'd never heard of either. Thank you for the tip!

I live two minutes from Mitte Meer, and was so distraught they were closing I nearly threw a tantrum (my boyfriend would say I did).

They are closing to make way for luxury housing and housing for the new government "secret police" building complex going up on the north part of Chausseestrasse.

They also plan on making a harbor for rich people to park their yachts, but somehow, although Berlin really really wants to be Manhattan, I can't imagine it becoming Miami.

Giulia, thanks for filling me in. Ah, more luxury housing. I wish Berlin was more interested in being itself. Lately it's a little like watching a beloved child go through his teenage years.

Cool, sign me up, I am in.

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