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Markthalle IX & Gutshof Britz


So excited to get this update from the Markthalle IX team. I'm very much looking forward to seeing how it all comes together, chiefly because two of the organizers are the men who do Meierei, which is, as you know, fabulous for the chilly weather we're heading towards. Speaking of which, I'm due for another round of Kaspressknödel sometime very soon, and if you are too, you should let me know. Also, has anyone been to the Gutshof Britz yet? I'm charmed by the story of a Michelin-starred chef quitting his hotel restaurant job to open a cozy country-style restaurant on an old estate at the city's fringes. Sunday lunch?

Markthalle IX opening, noon-7pm 1 October 2011, Eisenbahnstraße 42/43, Berlin-Kreuzberg (map)

Gutshof Britz, Alt-Britz 81, Berlin-Britz (map)
Open daily from noon


One could combine a trip to Gutshof Britz with a visit to the Britzer Mühle -- http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Britzer_Mühle -- were one inclined.

Wonderful stuff Sylee!

This Sunday? I'd be up for it.

i'd love to go for lunch one day!

Hi Sylee, are you still working away from home most days? I'm in Pberg almost every Wednesday afternoon these days and enjoy stopping for a Kaspressknödel when I'm there. If you want to meet, up, send me a message - maybe next week?

Britz -- the city's fringes? Are you quite sure? I mean, jenseits der Ring and all that, but still... The good residents of Gropius-Stadt would surely disagree.

I love the flyer design - might set up something like this for Munich as well :-)

Sorry, Archie, but I lived in Gropiusstadt for a week, and it's definitely the fringes - Britz too. My friend who grew up on the other side of the Wall in a village in Brandenburg would look over the Wall and see... Gropiusstadt. That was really where Berlin ended, and still is ;)

Well there we go. I stand corrected! Thanks, Leslie!

Oh no worries, I know what you mean. I don't know that anybody likes being deemed a fringe existence, and even if I'm right that Gstadt is the fringe, Britz is north of that (I think) so you are right too ;)

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