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Moved/Nazuna (Japanese in Berlin)












Now we're in a welter of boxes and Nazuna feels miles away. But since we moved to the new place I've slept better than I had for many months, and surely that's a good sign. Don't I always seem to be saying life feels in flux, full of change? The new flat might be my place to rest.

Speaking of outgrowing places, this site -- the way it looks -- has felt outdated for some time. I would love to make things fresh; I'm terrible at technical details. Do let me know if you're gifted at tweaking websites, and I will do my best to make it worth your while.

Though I've left Prenzlauer Berg, there's still so much to tell you about life there. One place I never managed to write about was Nazuna, though I certainly went often enough. I loved the sweet Kyotan woman behind the counter who carefully explains how to release the onigiri rice balls from their plastic husks; the jewelbox display cases of crisp tangy salads; the homemade mochi. She offers full-sized bento boxes but I prefer to put together a little lunch using whatever captures my eye. The other day it was shisho onigiri, a dish of radish salad and a black bean cheesecake to finish. It was hot, and my tall glass of barley tea dripped condensation. S was fractious, and in a thrice the chef had whipped up a tempting plate of fruit (look at how she's cut that apple!) to soothe her.

I might go back this weekend, when I've got a friend in town who'd surely appreciate such things. But now back into the fray of packing, unpacking, painting, rushing to the airport, working -- and all without internet at home, still! so be patient with me.

Nazuna, tiny Japanese eatery, Danziger Str 65, Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg (map)
Tel. 030 68 07 50 43
Open M-F noon-8pm, Sat noon-6pm (closed every 3rd Saturday in the month)


oh so cool! passed by every day , never got in.

Valentina, go!
Sylee, love your photographs. Especially the one of the shadow on the chair. So very beautiful.
Let's meet there for lunch soon.

pleased that your new flat fits you so well. what sort of lollipops are by the cash register?

Beautiful photos - that apple! - and congrats on the move. Please disregard the itch and don't change the site, it's perfect as it is :)

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