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On the brink of 2012


In the era of early bedtimes, a festive lunch on the 31st seems just right. (Warm chestnut pancetta salad, fish chowder, and blood orange jellies to follow, if you're curious.)

An early happy New Year to you!


lunch was most wonderful, sylee!
the happiest new year to you, and till very soon!

Blood orange jelly? Yummy. Love jellies.

Happy New Year!

The happiest of New Years to you & yours.

(Cough) Not to mention the sourdough bread, visible in the background, made by a Certain Someone (although Berlin Reified did the actual baking). :-)

just discovered your blog...Happy New Year! I love the photos and your observations about life in Berlin. Me and my family will move back to Berlin, my home - after a couple of years living in L.A. - and your writing makes me look forward to being back in this magical city!

Agreed! We also celebrated 1 Jan rising early to get the crackling on the roast pork belly puffed and bake home-made pretzels. Have had many happy visits to your blog and hope your year is off to a good start.

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