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3 posts from May 2012

On the stairs in Weinbergspark


We were at the foot of the stairs eating rhubarb ice cream and I admired these colors and light so much.

Field Notes (Elderflowers)


While I'm waiting for my dress to dry so I can leave for a party, I thought I'd tell you about collecting elderflowers. I've been watching the heads of elderflower go heavier and whiter as I cycle through the park. Last night after dinner I drank a cup of spring tea, gathered my equipment, then left. As I glanced back at the clock I heard the bells tolling 9 o'clock.

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Two or three lunches at das Lokal










You'll remember my enthusiasm for Kantine, the temporary restaurant Maren Thimm and Gary Hoopengardner set up in architect David Chipperfield's parking lot, so you'll imagine my delight when they found a permanent location on a sunny corner of Linienstra├če. The light floods across the rough whitewashed walls on a windy afternoon, glinting off the eel-catcher lamps. They brought the floorboards from the old location, and one still eats off Katja Buchholz's rough-hewn tables made from reclaimed wood. Now a shiny metal barcounter, laden with fragile, pale hydrangeas and two kinds of chocolate cake, catches your eye when you enter through the unmarked entrance.

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