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3 posts from June 2012

On this summer evening it strikes me


Summer rubbish is its own still life.

Five scoops of ice cream in Berlin





The weather might keep changing, but that hasn't stopped me from eating ice cream every chance I get. Anna Durkes is an ice cream parlour in Kreuzberg opened by a Milanese lawyer turned gelatier. The sleek, sculptural furniture is made by an architect friend of the owner. If we'd been here a bit earlier in the day, I would have snapped up some coffee granita. As it was, the miniature scoop of mint ice cream dipped in chocolate we were offered left little S grinning all evening. We were there the week they opened: the paper bag dangling from the scaffolding outside stopped us in our tracks.

Anna Durkes, Graefestr. 80, Berlin-Kreuzberg (map), open Tues-Sun 1pm-8pm

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Picking strawberries at Vierfelderhof


We had the happiest time picking strawberries at Vierfelderhof.

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