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Picking strawberries at Vierfelderhof


We had the happiest time picking strawberries at Vierfelderhof.


It took us less than forty-five minutes to get there on the bus from Schöneberg (the X34 from Zoo Station is speed itself) and the farm is within the city limits. But following the poppy-lined country road to the farm made me feel I was in another world.


Founded two years ago, Vierfelderhof has just completed the transition process to becoming a certified organic farm. Their focus is the farm as a place to learn about food, and they host regular events for preschoolers and schoolchildren. They also run Berlin's first Bauernhofkita (or farm preschool).


Once inside, a man pointed us to the fields. We stopped to admire the glossy flocks of Bleus and Marans (both dual-purpose breeds of chickens) before crossing the meadows to the strawberries.


The fields went on forever, and on that Tuesday, we had them mostly to ourselves.


What is that treasure-hunt fever that comes over you in a field of ripe fruit? I wouldn't say that I needed to take home four kilograms of red berries, but I am so glad to have them. (If you're curious, I made Rumtopf, two batches of Christine Ferber's strawberry jam, and of course we ate at least a kilo out of hand.)





It was magical to be there on such a quiet day, but if you fancy a little more action, Vierfelderhof is hosting a strawberry festival this weekend with crafts, strawberry snacks in the cafe and of course all the berries your little hands can gather.


Vierfelderhof, Straße 264 Nr. 33, Berlin-Spandau/Gatow (map)
During strawberry season (through the end of June) you can pick strawberries every day from 1pm-5pm. Organic strawberries are 7 EUR/kilogram.

The cafe and farm shop are open Wednesday-Sunday from 10am-6pm. Other events take place through the year: find an overview here.


Is it crazy that I want to do this before I leave...
...on Monday?
...and I still haven't packed?

Sounds just like me :-)

it was such a jolly day! seeing your record of it here takes me right back! :)

Thank you SO much for sharing this tip! I have been looking for a place where you can pick organic strawberries AND which you can reach by public transport for quite some time now. I am actually so excited about the fact that there is such a place that I hate knowing that I will not have the time to go there the next two weekends... I hope all the pickers will leave some strawberries for me to pick there in the end of June!

Kristina, can't wait to see how your photos develop!

Schlachtplatten, I know, I feel I've spent the last decade looking for a place like this: I was so ecstatic when I found it! You must try to sneak a weekday afternoon off: they're open every day from 1-5pm and it's so peaceful being mostly alone in the fields. But do rest assured there seemed to be berries *everywhere* and plenty of little green ones awaiting their finest hours.

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