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A riverside picnic










We'd arranged to meet in Mitte and I couldn't think of anywhere I cared to go, so we decided to have a picnic instead. The scent of the lindens and jasmine in the evening air made me feel like I'd stuck my head into a bouquet. The light as I cycled through Tiergarten left me breathless.

We met outside C/O, then wheeled our cycles to the Spree. As we talked, blue-lit boats with names like Heiterkeit and Klaus-Peter floated by, full of revellers.

We set up our picnic on a bench: Vinho verde, French cheeses and crisp bread, apricots. A field mouse crept over, first timidly, then with increasing boldness, to nibble dropped crumbs of chèvre. Later, a golden retriever waggled her eyebrows until we consented to share a slice of sheep's cheese.

The sky went from gold to indigo to pitch-black, then it was time to go. There were rose petals on the train floor as the S-Bahn rattled south on my way home.


"I couldn't think of anywhere I cared to go" -- ah, the Reified we know and love! Do dogs really have eyebrows?

The photo of the blurred lights in the Spree water looks like a painting I would like to own... Great new website design!

oh! you have such a way with words.
and your visuals -- you know, this really brought a smile onto my face!

Incredible shots.
Your post is not helping.... : )

Always nice to read your blogs and see your photos. Thank you! Love your new look too!

Love your new design! And yes, the Spreebogen is also one of my favorite places. Another nice place for a picknick in the evening sun is the park in front of the Altes Museum!

Your kind words mean a great deal to me, thank you! Feels so good to be in a fresh new space together.

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