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Clear as glass


I had just met a tranquil, handsome newborn who turned a week old the day before. I was singing to myself as I cycled home on that cheerless June afternoon. Skimming round the curve at Ernst Reuter Platz, I forked into Knesebeckstra├če and parked my bicycle in front of Glasklar.


I make my way there every time I'm nearby. Recently I remembered that Berlin is a city with many rooms, and we must remember to occupy as many of them as we can. Glasklar means clear as glass; it sells nothing else. There, as in many of the places I return to, one can be quiet. The shaggy silver-headed owner, who founded the shop some thirty years ago, is alive to the poetry of basic objects. He leaves you alone as you get your bearings.


The little light of that afternoon seemed concentrated in his careful displays.


I explored. The flare of a rim. The mute pleasure of putting cork stopper to jar mouth. The Bauhaus lines of an Jena egg cup. Isn't retail at its best the hushed appreciation of beauty?


Is this about consumption? I linger for twenty minutes and leave with a tiny Weck jar, humming as I cycle south through the rain.

Glasklar, Knesebeckstra├če 13-14, Berlin-Charlottenburg (map)
Open M-F 11am-6:30pm, Sat 11am-4pm
Tel. (030) 313 10 37


Discovered this place last month. Unusual products and the prices are very fair too.

By the way, I moved to Berlin six months ago, and have been using your blog to explore the city. Would love to see you post more on shops you like.

It's such a great store - and even better with your great description of the clear glass containers... "The mute pleasure of putting cork stopper to jar mouth". Your blogs are wonderful to read - thank you very much!

love this store. your blog looks amazing sylee! see you soon :)

Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing! And I like the way the store displays their stuff...

looks like a wonderful little store. i miss berlin!!

I just passed this little store the other day. I was on the run and didn't go in, but will be back soon! esp, since you have your eye on the place :)

We have LOTS of Weck jars too :)

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