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Strandbad Wannsee/Housekeeping

Too cruel to be stuck in bed with a cold on one of Berlin's prettiest summer weekends this  year. Will you tell me what you did, so I might live vicariously?

But never mind, it is a good time to relive last Wednesday's visit to the Strandbad Wannsee.

An afternoon there proved that there is really no need to fly to the Adriatic for a fix of trashy holiday flair. I had never been, and am dying to go back soon (as is S, who was tickled by the lurid rainbow ice cream on offer).

It is a good time for a little housekeeping too .You'll have noticed everything looks a little different here. No, I haven't magically become a CSS ace overnight; my alma mater has a program pairing current students with alums for summer internships, and the inimitable Ximena worked her magic across the site. Thank you for your kind comments so far! If something looks terrible on your computer, do write and tell me. (Leslie, I've fixed the feed!)

And while I'm naming names:  A year ago Suzy and I were driving home from VERN when she told me I should really do a favorites page. A year later, and I have the start of one here. It is, of course, a work in progress. 

I bumped into Paul and family last Saturday, and we laughed a little over my new Facebook account: as he said, everyone's trying to get off Facebook now, not on! But never mind, I thought I'd try it out. Back to the sick bed now. Enjoy the light.

Strandbad Wannsee, Wannseebadweg 25 , Berlin-Wannsee (map)



inspiring images as ever. Feel better soon

Ooo, what's Yoshioka ? Your favourites page is so pretty!

I had to work on Sunday...total bummer... Thanks for the favorite page, lots of places I like and lots of yet to be discovered gems!

I really love the colours in your first picture!!
Hope you get well soon!

feel better, sylee!

these images are gorgeous - i've only ever passed strandbad wannsee on weekends, and it was swarming with teenagers. these almost-empty beach pictures look so different from what i imagined the place to be!

off to check the favourites page...

(and: great job, ximena!)

Joanna, Schlachtplatte, Carolina, thank you!

Suzy, Yoshioka is the Japanese place Luisa and I were talking about. The four of us have to go in October!

Kristina, we were very lucky, because we went on a Wednesday afternoon outside the school holidays. I can imagine it's unbearable on a sunny summer weekend.

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