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All the temperatures of the sky (A sojourn in Scotland)










The light heats to gold, cools to gray. We leave the house once S is asleep and make for the Back Shore. We go past the maltings, and linger at the Point. The harbour is quiet, though sometimes a seal bobs in the water. The wind at the Firth is so fierce it leaves my eyes watering. The lit windows in the lanes reveal flickering televisions. We go home and plunder the whisky cabinet, assemble cheddar on oat cakes, then read.

The infinite Scottish summer evenings have left me very tranquil. Next: a report from Edinburgh.


how beautiful these images are... so glad to hear what good times you had, and looking forward to your edinburgh post!

love your images! we're taking our VW van to the Isle of Sky in a VW van in a couple of weeks and seeing your images means I'm even more impatient now ^-^
enjoy yr trip!
Mrs B [vanplusfour.wordpress.com]


It has been a while. Lovely to return and to a Scotland post at that. I adore your layout, S!

Very warm wishes,
Jo with little L

Hi there,

I just found your blog from various clicks- great photos you have. I hope to return in future to see updates

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