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A shift in the air

This autumn has been like falling through a thousand melting layers. I find myself embracing winter proper now it's on its way. We lack a fireplace, but longing for a hearth just now I piled my tray with candles and have lit them all ablaze. This makeshift fire, this stack of books will do for now. Tomorrow Áine comes to stay for a few days, promising more nights in.


Sounds gorgeous. This autumn is winning me over too, but I reserve the right to whinge again halfway through winter :) it's a long stretch! Enjoy the long nights at home!

love this. will you share your candles too?

I notice your mood also seems to have shifted, sounds like life is calmer now. I wish you a beautiful rest of fall.

Do you know any bars with open fires?

Shame we are not round the corner to have a meal with you here with our fire going. Must say, mostly it is off though, as the house gets incredibly warm and stifly! Autumn is here, too. It is drizzling, L fell asleep after Kindergarten, she is struggling hard with the German. It is all new. The leaves are golden.

Hope you have some lovely Autumn days together. One day, we will get to Berlin! Just need to find a decent three bedroom flat to rent for a week!

Much love

Liz & Max, thank you!

Lauren, thank you for the inspiration.

Patrick, hmm, offhand, Alte Krug in Dahlem, Hartmanns in Kreuzberg; and for drinks, June Bar in Prenzlauer Berg. Will keep turning it over.

Jo, I wish that too, for many reasons more than borrowing your fire...

I found your site via yahoo thanks for the post. I will bookmark it for future reference. Thanks.

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