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On Model Cities



It was like slowly becoming aware one winter that there are new buildings going up all over your city, and then noticing that every one of them is a hotel.


My friend Donna Stonecipher's poems always leave me tingling.  At a recent poetry reading in Ausland, hearing her read from a collection of poems entitled Model City, I felt a huge sense of relief that she had caught all the vapors of the discussions about gentrification and changes in Berlin, and distilled them into such taut verse.  Listen yourself, see if you feel it too.


It was like stopping and staring at the fox, along with all the other people walking down the street, all stopped in their tracks and staring in astonishment at the fox.


I did.

Hi S, how've you been? It appears the RSS is once again acting up. But I enjoyed this post anyway! I saw a fox on Skalitzer Str. under the U1 the other day. I don't think many stopped to look at it, though.

Hannah, I'm glad!

Leslie, David spotted a fox at Bayerischer Platz the other night, and that triggered a moment of communion with an elderly woman who was crossing the square at the same time. I suppose it's a matter of atmosphere and where people's imaginations are...

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