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On a summer morning


On a wet summer morning I took the U1 east to Friedrichshain to visit Sandra and Johan for Freunde von Freunden




We talked for hours, then it was time for lunch. 


After we had eaten, we went to the market at Boxhagener Platz, then finished with punnets of berries at a nearby cafe. Have a look at Philipp's beautiful photos and the interview here.


Never visited Freunde von Freunden website before - it's terrifically interesting, and appears to have it all: interesting artists, lovely interiors, lots of inspiration. Did you set up this site? It's fab! I shall visit it again.

Joanna, no, it was these fellows here: http://www.freundevonfreunden.com/about/

When I read the article and saw your name at the bottom, I thought of Kristina that we both know in common and then of Sandra that we both know in common. Sylee, next time I am in Berlin or you come to Paris, let's have a coffee !

Marion, I would love to!

I loved seeing this on Freunde von Freunden! glad to see you had fun doing it!

Liz, it's funny, I wrote down your URL in RSVP just the other day but hadn't realized you've got a blog too. Love your line of cards.

it was such a lovely day sylee, we must have that drink together soon! the place we have in mind is perfect for late fall / winter, don't you think?

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