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A welcome to the new year




These photographs are relicts from a canalside twilight in Kreuzberg as the days contracted. Between the years has seldom felt so still. The expanding light is the faintest stir in the air. The new year a welcoming movement I'm eager to echo.



Your last sentence will stay with me for the rest of today, the first day of the year.

Happy New Year Sylee! Hopefully we will see a bit more of each other in 2013.

Is it just me or do those swans look Menacing?

those blue tones...

so good seeing you today - happy new year!

Tommy, I keep thinking about the photo you had marking the moment between years.

Kate, shall we make an excursion to Leipzig?

David, I thought so too, but then decided their gaze was steely.

Kristina, I felt just the same. Bis bald!

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