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4 posts from January 2013

Gray duet II (Winter in Berlin)



In Kreuzberg.


Gray Duet (Winter in Berlin)




(Literaturhaus, then lights along the Ku'damm.)


Cake, vacant lots and der Fritz


The day after New Year's day, and the city still half in sleep. For the first time I note the pinched tenement windows as S and I walk down the still-pastoral street towards lunch.


The black cat licks the last spot of cheese from the floor. After cake, I watch the clouds chase other clouds. Beneath that expanse of sky, the empty courtyard across the street has been torn open, heralding a building that will block the view. 


Kristina sends me home with the second issue of Eva-Maria Hilker's new magazine Der Fritz. The next morning over tea, I leaf through the luminously photographed articles on soap-makers in the Uckermark, caviar from Neuruppin, and a tattoo parlor in Panketal

PS: The cake, by the way, was this one, with a quarter-cup of cocoa powder substituted for a quarter-cup of flour. I am obsessed with duplicating a chocolate poppyseed cake I ate recently in Karslhorst. Good, but not quite chocolatey enough: will try a third-cup of cocoa powder next time, and a chocolate ganache.

A welcome to the new year




These photographs are relicts from a canalside twilight in Kreuzberg as the days contracted. Between the years has seldom felt so still. The expanding light is the faintest stir in the air. The new year a welcoming movement I'm eager to echo.