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A touch of Lisbon sun



A touch of Lisbon sun to warm this snowy morning. Thank you for all the suggestions on where to best devour those wobbly delights known as pasteis de nata! More of elsewhere and here in the next.



yay!! be very welcome to our lovely sunny city!
Have fun! :)

Will you eat a pan de lo for me at pasteleria Suica if you are still in Lisbon? They are my fondest food-memory from Lisbon! If you are still looking for some more suggestions, check out http://schlachtplatten.blogspot.de/2012/07/if-you-havent-been-to-market.html

Carolina, I must ask you for tips next time I visit.

Schlachtplatte, oh, I wish I had seen your post before I left. I did stumble on the organic market, and was captivated by the wealth of greens on offer. As for Suica and the bookshop: next time!

Yes, you do!! I have plenty of fabulous tips for you next time you come!! :)

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