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Adopt a hen (Bauernhof Weggun)




So you pledge €20 to look after a freerange hen raised according to biodynamic principles, and then you're posted ten vouchers for a half-dozen eggs, which you collect at the Markthalle Neun, where you also meet a friend and have the first proper conversation you've had in ages, and then you make transcendent scrambled eggs the next morning.* What's not to love? (I can't wait until it's berry season again: I first became aware of Bauernhof Weggun through their punnets of bright, perfect raspberries.)

* A plump walnut of butter melted on low in a small pan, two eggs loosely whisked then poured in. Leave for three minutes, then muddle every minute or so. Turn the eggs into a bowl while they still look a touch too moist.

Bauernhof Weggun, Fürstenauer Straße 29, Nordwestuckermark (map). 
At the Markthalle Neun every Saturday. Eisenbahnstraße 42, Berlin-Kreuzberg (map)
Oh, and they have a CSA scheme too


Hey, what are our conversations then? Chopped liver?!

Oh, wow, this is a great idea, we're so going to do this. Was S. OK with not being able to personally meet/pet the adopted hen? I imagine J. might struggle with that...

The above question is beyond cute.

David, ah, our conversations are dancing, not mere words.

Jane, I can only agree with Leslie: this is the best question I have ever been asked. (To answer: she would have been troubled if I had explained, but the adopting was for my own private joy. She for her part lapped up the banana custard with alacrity. The eggs are really good.)

I've heard conversations at the Markthalle are mostly pulled pork.

Loved the Weggun boiled eggs I had!

Kristina, oh, this made me laugh.

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