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Blood oranges, spring



Blood oranges have been piled high in Berlin's plastic crates this winter, most often Moros from Italy. Once split, the insides are ruddy or pale pink (the surprise being part of their charm).

I love the juice neat. Jellied, it becomes a treat my daughter clamors for.  Leaf gelatin, or Blatt Gelatine (weiß), used to intimidate me but it proved mind-bogglingly simple to use.

These jellies were intended as  a bright antidote to  slate-skied winter afternoons; after this week's radiant skies, I'll call them a celebration of the nearing spring.

Blood orange jellies

Enough blood oranges to make 500 ml of juice (about a dozen)

5 gelatin leaves

1. Fill a bowl with cold water and immerse the leaves of gelatin. Isn't the delicate pattern scoring the surface pretty?

2. Squeeze the oranges, fishing out pips. I leave the pulp, liking like the robust consistency it lends the jellies.

3. Heat the juice gently until warm to touch, then remove from heat.

4. Squeeze out the excess water from the gelatin leaves and stir into the warmed juice until dissolved.

5. Pour into glasses (six tumblers or so) and refrigerate for a few hours. 



Is it also possible to use a vegetarian-friendly gelatine substitute?

Yum! I haven't made anything with gelatin since moving here, or possibly long before. I guess I was confused by leaf gelatin too. But you have nudged me closer to trying it. Thank you!

David, I tried agar agar once and it turned rock-solid. Will keep tinkering.

Leslie, I'd always heard gelatin talked of in the most reverant terms, so was shocked by how simple it was. And you can try so many flavors!

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