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Clouds of pink

Begin at the corner of Schwedter Straße and Kopenhagener Straße and head north, following the staircases as you cross beneath bridges in pursuit of these clouds of pink blossoms. They're at their grandest north of Bornholmer Straße. This moment is their season, so rush.
Afterwards, there's enough time for coffee, at Sgaminegg for choice, or at Elf if they're shut.


It always amazes me, at what speed fruit trees start to blossom. Almost before the gras is fully out, making bees and passers-by happy...

haha, thank you for the detailed directions! a little too far from my house, but I'll look out for them in my neighborhood!

Beautiful, thanks for the tip! We will follow the pink trail with little Nova after Kita today!

So pretty.

Peggy, spring fever is on!

Lena, yes, it's such a tucked-away corner that it's easy to miss if you don't know the cherry trees are there.

Birge, does this mean you've made a switch...? Hope things are well with you three in any case.

Suzy, thank you!

Would love to meet you there for a coffee in the sun any time soon, Sylee!
How about next week?

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