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10 posts from April 2013

Sources of heat and warmth: Tea seminars at Paper & Tea


Cupped in her hands, some Sejak steeps. The Korean tea, she says, is hearty. The tiny cup I drink leaves me alert, tranquil—sated

Everyone has raved about Paper & Tea, and rightly so. The staff I've met—the heart of any operation—are warm and knowledgable, welcoming and full of zest. Of course the museum-like interior is exquisite too:  those capacious drawers! those celadon teapots!

Passers-by are offered teas to try too, but those wishing to sample and discover at leisure will be pleased to hear the shop will commence tea seminars this month, one on white teas (April 14), one on tea as plant and ritual (April 21). 

And now to warm my own hands—don'tcomplainabouttheweather—around another cup of tea.


Paper & Tea, Bleibtreustraße 4, Berlin-Charlottenburg (map). Exquisite tea shop with tastings & paper goods.

Sunlight splashes across the table and I leap


Don't the quail eggs lend the arrangement a note of gravitas?


Revisiting: The Literaturhaus


Snow suits the Literaturhaus. The light in the conservatory goes slate-blue at cake time. We lift flutes of sparkling wine (it's Christmas Eve) and watch snow drift into piles on the windowsill.


At breakfast-time, too, the rooms are hopping, but the generosity of space in this stately villa absorbs the noise. I have a crisp rösti topped with bacon and fried eggs; my friend orders the scrambled eggs. The clientele is that ballyhooed Charlottenburg mix, staid or sleek (new APC next door!), of young and old. 

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