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Four summer days





Tall glasses of sparkling rhubarb juice on the terrace at A. Horn.

Observing the shadows and light on long walks through Charlottenburg and Kreuzberg.

A lavish strawberry-picking excursion at the organic farm Vierfelderhof.

Eating schnitzel and sausages in the lush garden at 3 Schwestern, with the scent of elderflower all around us.

My friends, here's hoping your summer is as full of sun.


Mmmm, missing strawberries over here. Up to my eyeballs in figs and such... Also what do eat with figs when there is no serrano ham?

Ugh! "To" eat. Pfffft!

It's really a summer for the ages, right?!

I just found out about 3 Schwestern this spring. What a great garden.

I heard rhubarb is catching on in the US too. My favorite kind of juice now. Cheers!

I love your blog, the photography is so beautiful. I want to move to Berlin next year and your blog is total motivation!

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