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Chapter One Coffee


That coffee can be contemplative is something I had heard, but only believed one Sunday afternoon when I poured myself a cup of Bokasso at Chapter One. (That Chapter One itself is tranquil and welcoming may well have played a role.)

Chapter One, Mittenwalder Stra├če 30, Berlin-Kreuzberg (map)


Glad you enjoyed this coffee shop. Besides the excellent offerings, the people who work (own?) the shop are so nice, and that's why it's also one of my favorites.

A the Weck jars. Feeling nostalgic already.

The coffee cup looks unique since I am used to seeing ordinary cups and plastic coffee cups. And the coffee machine looks very nice. It reminds me of a light bulb. I wish I could go to Berlin and experience this too. Have a wonderful time in coffee shops in the near future.

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